Gumnut Crochet

Free Crochet Patterns available on this site. Apologies for the quality of the photographs. Taking good photographs is not a skill I possess.

Click on the name of the piece to access the PDF pattern.

Click on the categories section at the bottom of  the page, to access different themes or scroll through the archives to access older patterns.

Hook Size – If the pattern fails to mention to use a smaller hook size than the yarn type normally requires, please just use a smaller hook size. It makes a big difference to the end result if the stuffing doesn’t show through.

For 4 ply yarn – 2.5 mm hook works well as does a 2.0 mm hook. For 3 ply yarn – 2.00 mm hook or smaller. For 8 ply yarn – 3.00 mm hook or 2.5 mm.

Promoting Australian ideas and sharing crochet is the aim of this site.

A warm thanks to Trine Larsen for her help in setting up this blog.

Special thanks also to Jeannette Kemp for translating Large Easter Bilby into Dutch and to Josiane Colin-Jacquet for translating Easter Kangeroo into French.

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Thank you for visiting this blog and happy crocheting